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I still can't believe what a useless POS iMovie '08 is, and I can't believe that Apple hasn't fixed it by now. It was released in August 2007, it's been almost a year and Apple has released several point releases for OS X since then. Would it be so difficult for Apple to open iMovie '08 up to 3rd party add-ons so that people can put back in the features that Apple removed? The loss of slow-motion/fast-motion is really killing me.

Oh well, back to iMovie '06 HD. I guess Microsoft isn't the only company that releases "new and improved" products that are actually downgrades.

UPDATE: I just realized what iMovie '08 reminds me of: the Matrix sequels. It has lots of potential, but none of it is realized; it has plenty of good ideas, but the implementation of them is horrible.

Date: 2008-07-06 09:40 pm (UTC)
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Apple's "fix" for iMovie '08 was to allow everyone to download iMovie '06 HD for free. I think they'd rather have 'power users' buy Final Cut Express, but it's definitely overpowered for what most people need. iMovie '08 is definitely less powerful than its predecessor, and doesn't really count as an "upgrade" as much as a completely new product with a different emphasis, really.

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