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I'll be speaking at the University of Utah this Monday, September 22nd, noon-1:30pm in the Collegiate Room in the Student Union. The title is "Free Speech, Free Software, Free Culture: The Movement for Cultural Participation". (I'm always torn as to whether to title my talk something witty/silly, or to try to be serious and official-sounding, but I usually go with the latter because different people have different senses of humor and I don't want someone to skip my talk because my attempts at humor on the advertisements didn't agree with them.) I'll also be giving a talk to some librarians beforehand about the Diebold case etc., and afterwards I'll be doing a "how to start a chapter" workshop with the brand new Students for Free Culture chapter which is starting up there. Monday will be a busy day ^_^

If anyone is in Salt Lake City on Monday night, I'd be interested in meeting up for dinner... just leave a comment or drop me a line. And naturally, if you attend the University of Utah, please come to my talk!

UPDATE: Apparently my talk is only open to invited guests, perhaps because they are serving lunch. If you want to attend, please contact me so I can put you on the invited list.
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